Metal Duct Insulation & Mold Remediation/Restoration

in Miami, FL

Our team arrived on location for mold remediation and the installation of duct insulation. First, we removed existing insulation from a metal duct in the affected branches. Due to the presence of mold, our next step was to contain and isolate the area using containment peel and seal zipper barriers. Per mold remediation protocol, we then used a HEPA vacuuming negative air fan and air scrubbers, with a portable duct to the exterior. We also used a hydroxyl generator to counteract and remove odors and applied an antimicrobial agent to the walls, ceiling, and floor of the 80’x15’x8 square foot area. Then we fogged/sprayed the area with a heavy-duty disinfectant. Once the remediation process was complete, our team repaired and sealed seams where necessary and installed new fiberglass insulation. We then reinstalled the ceiling grid, installed a new tile ceiling with materials provided by the customer, and removed the debris when the project was complete.

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