A/C Replacement

Hillsboro Beach, FL​

AM Florida Builders was contracted to replace some air conditioning units in a historic cottage in Hillsboro Beach, FL. The scope of our work included the installation of 2 new outdoor condensing units and 5 new indoor mini split units in 3 bedrooms, the kitchen, and the living room.

Our highly experienced team of experts began work on this project by disconnecting the power to all of the existing A/C units in the cottage and locking/tagging out the electrical breaker. Then we proceeded to remove the old A/C condenser units from outside of the cottage, along with the 5 previously installed mini split units. The condensate lines, old outside disconnect box, refrigerant lines, old piping and covers, and insulation pads were also removed.

After the removal of the existing components, our team was ready to begin installing the new equipment. We installed new aluminum stands to the existing concrete pads, new rubber isolation pads under the outdoor units, new refrigeration lines, piping, and condensation lines. We then proceeded to install new electrical disconnect boxes to the outdoor units, along with new PVC drain piping covers. Next, our team sealed and insulated all wall penetrations with foam insulation, reconnected all electrical wiring and piping to the new A/C units, and pressure tested each circuit with nitrogen to confirm there were no refrigerant leaks.

When the testing was successfully completed, AM Florida Builders repaired the sheetrock, plaster, paint, and trim that was affected by the project to present the area better than its pre-project condition. We removed all of the lock/tag out devices, restored power to the units, and ran another diagnostic test. Our team was happy to report that the newly installed A/C units were working smoothly and efficiently, and were free of leaks upon completion of the project.

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