Renovations, Restorations and New Construction in South Florida
Renovations, Restorations and New Construction in South Florida
Development and execution of construction projects
Development and execution of construction projects

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Through our licensed building, mechanical, plumbing, and mold remediation services AM Florida Builders, not only solves problems and provides preventative maintenance for our customers but also brings their ideas to life by integrating components to deliver the right solution.

AM Florida Builders Corp. is a state-certified building, mechanical, and plumbing contractor, and mold remediator  serving the State of Florida by providing reliable and quality construction services. As a result, AM Florida Builders,  has worked with major corporations and gained in-depth knowledge and breadth of experience in construction management and mechanical and plumbing solutions and mold remediation for municipalities, counties, and private companies.

We have clients for whom we manage their regular maintenance, repairs, preventive maintenance, new construction, and remodeling. Moreover, we can develop a program unique to your property and needs.

Emergency Underground Plumbing Service, Florida City

Building contractor services

Maximizing your budget, style, choices, and timeline are important to the success of your project.

HVAC Unit Installation in the City of Sweetwater, Florida

Mechanical contractor services

Our prepared designs fit many clients and help substantially reduce costs while providing today's cutting-edge technology.


Plumbing contractor services

When building your dream space, we encourage you to explore options before making your final decisions.


Mold remediation services

Water damage from leaks or flooding can lead to mold. Our mold remediation and reconstruction experts can fully restore your space.

Quality is not a coincidence, it is a compendium of intelligence and commitment

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AM Florida Builders is your ONE STOP for facility management with licensed building, mechanical, and plumbing specialists on staff ready to solve your problems.


Our certified specialists provide reliable and state-certified plumbing, building, and mechanical services with in-depth knowledge and experience in maintenance, renovations, and new construction.


We deliver world-class emergency response to various government complexes.

We provide emergency response services to government agencies, counties, municipalities, and private entities


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It is not the beauty of a building you should look at,
it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.

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Quality is not a coincidence, it is a compendium of intelligence and commitment

Renovations, Restorations and New Construction in South Florida