Condo Clubhouse Potable Water System Repair & Bathroom Renovation

in Pinecrest, FL

A local condo association reached out to us regarding their need for a plumbing repair and bathroom renovation.
The bathrooms in their community clubhouse were heavily damaged as a result of a re-piping attempt. 

AM Florida Builders provided and installed both cold and hot water piping and valves. Our team also installed a new water heater and reconnected it to the existing electrical service. We completed the plumbing repair with the installation of a new laundry tub and wall-mounted hand sink.

After the plumbing repairs were complete, our team began renovating the clubhouse bathrooms. The bathroom renovations included the removal of the existing interior walls and partitions, sinks, and toilets in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms, as well as a urinal in the men’s bathroom. AM Florida Builders then provided and installed sheetrock on all the interior walls and replaced the bathroom partitions. Next, our team provided and installed tile on the bathroom floors, shower floors, and shower walls. We also provided and installed new acoustic and suspension ceilings, vanities, toilets, showerheads, faucets, a urinal in the men’s bathroom, and a new water fountain. Additionally, we were pleased to apply primer and paint to the interior walls, LED lighting, and framed bathroom mirrors to complete the renovation.

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