Corporate Office and Kitchen Renovation

South Florida

Our team renovated existing offices and break rooms on several floors of a government building.
We started by protecting adjacent areas to prevent possible damage caused by construction work. Openings through partitions and ceilings were tightly sealed to maintain required fire ratings. New sound transmission insulation was also installed in the walls separating cabinets from existing offices. New ceramic tiles were placed on the backsplash, and new cabinetry, sinks, and faucets were installed while employing sustainable construction strategies.
To provide a finished look, vinyl and carpet tiles were blended and newly installed when needed, together with new cove vinyl baseboards. A new waste drain was installed and tied into the existing building waste system, as well as a new vent line. All cold and hot water domestic supply lines were provided.
During the demolition process, our team was especially careful and selective. Materials were also partially recycled for office space build-out.
AM Florida Builders completed the project in a phased approach to better accommodate the employees working in the spaces surrounding the construction work.

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