Emergency Response to a Sewer Blockage

Islamorada, FL

AM Florida Builders received a call for a plumbing emergency in Islamorada, FL. Upon arrival, our team used a camera to identify the damage to the sewer line and found the following issues: a broken pipe and a blockage within the pipe that needed to be removed.

Due to the nature of the emergency, we had no time to waste. Our team of experts dug a ditch to expose and remove the broken pipe and replaced it with a PVC pipe equivalent to the original. The blockage was then removed using a snake. During the course of the repair, it became evident that the manhole cover needed to be cleaned out, so we provided a pump truck to remove all of the accumulated debris.

To verify the effectiveness of the pipe’s repair and ability to operate, our team ran a water test. After more than 45 minutes, a camera was used to confirm that there were no leaks. The ditch was filled in and a final test was completed using the client’s pumping system to verify the quality of the repair under pressure.

AM Florida Builders resolved this plumbing emergency in 1 day, and our client was very satisfied with the effectiveness of our work.

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