Emergency responses for major stoppages/bathtub repairs

in Miami, Florida

AM Florida Builders is pleased to serve many government entities and properties.

A residential unit was flooded due to a major stoppage in the toilet. We proceeded to remove the toilet and inspected the sewer line with a camera to verify the cause of the stoppage. We then removed all of the trash improperly disposed of in the toilet and cleared the sewer line of any remaining blockages. Afterward, we proceeded to clean the work area, reinstall the toilet, and dispose of all the debris.

Another residence had a toilet unit with a major stoppage that affected part of the wall behind it. We removed the toilet and completed a camera inspection to find the cause of the stoppage. We then proceeded to clean the sewer drain and demolish the portion of the wall that had been affected in order to repair the damage. After the damaged pipes and fittings were replaced, the framing was reinforced, new drywall was installed, plastered and painted, and the toilet was properly re-installed. All debris was appropriately disposed of.

During a physical inspection, our team found two residential units with damaged bathtubs (including extreme rotting, holes, and leaks) which had caused extensive damage to the walls around the shower areas. Due to the poor conditions of the walls around the bathtubs (loose and/or missing tiles, rotten sheetrock, and frame), they needed to be replaced. The team proceeded to demolish the walls, remove tile and sheetrock, and remove the bathtubs, pipes, and fittings that had been damaged. They then replaced the damaged items and installed new framing reinforcements, bathtubs, shower valves, shower faucets, durock walls, and wall tiles. Finally, they repaired the sheetrock that had been damaged and disposed of the debris.

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